Difficult to Find a Job during a Pandemic? Watch this

Looking for a job during the Covid-19 pandemic can be said to be neither easy nor difficult, apart from the intense competition due to the large number of layoffs and the addition of new graduates. This means that looking for work during the Covid-19 pandemic will face double the competition, because if in previous years there might only have been an increase in new graduates, but during the Covid-19 pandemic competing with job seekers who were laid off as well.

Even though stellenangebote the competition has doubled for those of you who are looking for work in a pandemic like this, don’t be discouraged! Because, there are also many companies that are now still opening recruitment for new employees. Reporting from www.today.com there are a number of things you can deal with if you have difficulty finding work during a pandemic.

  1. Emphasizing skills
    According to Today, you don’t need to be busy beautifying your Curriculum Vitae (CV) design or layout. But what you need to beautify is to emphasize skills in CV. For example, if you have expertise in marketing, consider how to translate your client-facing skills into sales or customer service. If you feel you need additional knowledge, you can find references to knowledge about solving problems, ask friends who have the same profession and so on.

Then make sure you also emphasize soft skills on your CV and job application letters. This includes if you have skills such as time and relations management, prioritizing, and teamwork.

  1. Learn new things
    Learning new things can add skills, meaning that looking for a job in the midst of a pandemic can be a plus when competing with other candidates. The trick is, currently there are many online trainings that you can follow free of charge or free. If you have time, use online training platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, or even tutorial videos on YouTube to expand your knowledge.

Apart from helping you learn new things, the habit of taking this online training can also help you in difficult situations, for example challenges in the world of work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic like now.

  1. Consider career targets.
    If you currently really need income, then how to find a job will be different from advancing your career. That means, look for jobs in industries that are currently very essential in the midst of a pandemic, such as retail, pharmaceuticals or logistics. If these sectors do not match your interests, then look for jobs that can be done at home, aka remote working. Many industries still open job vacancies for remote working. You can also try freelance work to keep earning.

In the long term, look for jobs where you can start targeting potential opportunities, even if those companies are not currently hiring. Think about how to translate your short-term to long-term work by jumping straight from freelance work, for example, to full-time employment.

  1. Take advantage of your network or work partners
    Even though you are in a pandemic, don’t forget about networking. Contact people or friends for information about job vacancies. Perhaps, the company where they work is opening recruitment.
  2. Stay focused and believe in yourself
    The hiring process may be longer and different than you are used to. Don’t stop fighting and be patient. It is true that the moment is full of uncertainty, but keep doing your best as much as possible. Be sure good work will come to you if you try.

But if you do get one, take a moment to thank everyone who helped in your job search.