Tips to Get a Job Amid the Corona COVID-19 Pandemic

Some small businesses were forced to close temporarily, while large businesses were affected by business losses and disrupted supply chains.

There are predictions that the unemployment rate in the US could reach 20 percent, according to an NBC News report . Several companies have responded to the health crisis with layoffs, time off, cutting hours and overtime pay, and stellenangebote implementing recruitment freezes.

Other companies are actively recruiting and posting new jobs every day. Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty about what national and global impacts will have on hiring, but there are ways you can stay positive and proactive in your job search during this difficult time.

Here are 5 ways to get a job during the Corona COVID-19 Virus pandemic :

  1. Engage Your Network

They will let you know if they hear anything. Ask them if they would be willing to have email conversations with people who work for the company or, even better, the hiring manager.

Don’t hesitate to contact former colleagues and bosses if you see a vacancy at their company. They are more likely to hire you than competitors because they know your skills and work ethic. Even if they aren’t recruiting, they can serve as a reference for your other applications. Since they are in the industry, they may hear about other jobs through their own network and they can recommend you.

  1. Telephone and Video Job Interview Exercises

It will be more difficult to conduct phone interviews because it is harder to interpret someone’s reaction and have the conversation flow naturally.

It can be difficult to do a video interview because it feels awkward to be on camera. You’ll stand out if you know your way around phone and video interviews.

  1. Show off your skills

First, prioritize jobs that have been posted most recently as it’s a sign that the company has a current role that needs to be filled.

Then answer all the questions based on your previous work experience that you think has been successful.

  1. Focus on application letters

When you apply for jobs online, your application often goes to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), software that reviews your resume to determine how well you meet job posting requirements.

Nearly 75 percent of resumes that go through the ATS are omitted because they do not meet the requirements set by the hiring manager, such as the right skills, education level or position.

  1. Stay updated

You must always open the internet to look for opportunities. Even though it is sometimes difficult and unavailable, you don’t give up.

Keep an eye on the company site or site where you want to work.