How to take care of the printer to be durable

Increasingly, technology and electronic goods are constantly being updated and improved, with the latest models that are better than previous versions, including printers. However, even though the latest generation of printers has more impressive capabilities than the previous series, the printer is still famous because it often causes users to have problems when printing, such as paper jams when printing or printer problems that are not connected properly. With a little knowledge of how to clean your printer, you can avoid paper jams and printing errors that often make printers difficult to use. For those of you who own a printing service business,

I feel annoyed when I need to print work documents or assignments from school / campus, but the printer machine cannot function. There are actually many factors that cause the printer to not function normally, the printout is lined, the colors do not appear, even the printer does not want to print at all.

Actually, if used and cared for properly, the printer can be used normally with results that remain sharp and quality. Here are tips for caring for the printer to keep it durable. HP Driver Printer

Be careful
Whenever you are asked to open the printer for maintenance, turn off the printer first and keep your hands away from the hot parts and moving parts inside the printer. This will prevent damage to the printer as well as to you.

Clean the Printer Head
At some point, you may see a document coming out of the printer with white lines across text or graphics even though the cartridge is full. You should suspect that the printer head is clogged and needs cleaning. You can consult the printer manual or visit the manufacturer’s website to find out how to clean the printer head serially. You can clean it in just a few clicks, or it can be cleaned manually.

Remove dust
The presence of dust and dirt in the printer can cause ink streaks to appear on the paper and also jam the printer. You can fix this by using a small vacuum instead of using a rag. To clean the cartridge, you can use cotton and clean water. Usually there are special instructions from the manufacturer, where you have to be careful in cleaning the cartridge because some parts of the cartridge should not be cleaned.

Be careful when the printer starts to have problems
Like most printer products, your printer will last longer if cared for properly. Rather than jamming and forcing the paper to be pulled out, you should consult the instructions that came with the printer to find the best way to correct the damage or jam. Some things you can practice are to use both hands to slowly pull the jammed paper out of the printer, this is to avoid tearing the paper behind or damaging the internal parts or inside of the printer.

Invest in equipment for maintenance
We recommend that you invest a little money to order a device or equipment for printer maintenance. Buy original parts according to the printer manufacturer, this is in case the printer shows signs of wear. willing to spend a little money to extend the life of your printer, you can order a maintenance kit from your printer manufacturer when the original part starts to show signs of wear and tear.

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